A store like no other

Advice from Experience and Training

We love eBikes, and also know a thing or two about them…

Fully converted themselves, the Charged team are all true eBike enthusiasts. We literally live and breathe electric bikes. Providing you with the best first hand knowledge and advice. Allowing you to make an educated decision. Think of us more consultants, rather than salesman. Although if we did get it wrong, all is not lost. We offer a 1 month exchange service, if you believe its the wrong model or size.

To ensure the best level of service and experience. Each member of our team regularly attends Accredited training events. As well as Cytech mechanical training, we are currently trained to deliver the best support and advice for: Bosch; Yamaha; Shimano; Impulse; Trans-x; and brose. Making us, probably, the best qualified electric bike store in the UK.

The Nation's Favourite

As a company we are not interested in selling to the continent and afar. Our aim is to deliver the best truly local support and experience. We want to build a community of eBiker's in the UK and ensure that we are always there for you. Basically we want to become the nations favourite, eBike store.

Charged to Doorstep

We do not believe in a 'bike in a box' approach and offer a very unique service to solve this. No matter where you are in the UK, we will do our utmost best to hand deliver the bike to your doorstep, fully assembled. What do we mean fully assembled? Each bike goes through our fully equipped workshop. Ensuring that every component is seated right, each bolt is torqued correctly and your eBike has the latest firmware uploaded. On arrival we will then make the effort to ensure the bike is set up to you. Giving you the best ride from day one.

See more about our personal delivery service.