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27.5 PLUS

Disciplined. Forward. Performance.



Another class innovator. Back in 2013, Mondraker stormed the cycling world with their forward geometry concept. By building the frame forward and utilising a shortened stem, they could introduce a frame with a longer wheelbase and a direct handle-bar steering position. This increases the ride dynamics both on uphill and downhill and equips the rider with extra control and stability. Accompanied by their zero suspension system, that eliminates pedal loss to the suspension, this makes for a great mountain bike.

For 2016, these great innovations are finally available to the e-mountain bike community. Proven progressive world cup able suspension/geometry combined with the best e-mountain bike motor yet. Expect great achievements from this line of eBikes.

The Mondraker range serves to meet the requirements of the Trail/All-mountain riders, with the unique 27.5+ wheel variant for more grip, control and comfort.



The Bosch Performance CX

Bosch's latest arrival and their first motor built from the ground up to accompany Electric Mountain Bikes. Increased Ground clearance and increased power are just a few of the new features. The redesigned shell is super sleek, coated in a matt black paint and 38% smaller.  Direct Flow + Trail Control combine for perfect power delivery.

Smaller and Swifter. The Perfomance CX drive has also been tuned to deliver a astonishing 75nm of torque, with a maximum 300% assistance in Turbo. Making it even easier to get back to the top of the mountain, without the need of a lift. When its needed the motor will push out a maximum 500w of power, then ease its way back down to the 250w continuous limit. 






500wh | 30-110miles


Ready for the trail


One step on the pedal and the power kicks in: The Performance Line CX is the ideal drive for ambitious sports enthusiasts and demanding eBikers. Together with a fine dose of support, experience maximum riding enjoyment over rugged terrain or up steep inclines. What more could you want?


The ultimate in electric mountain bike systems .. yet!


All basic information at the click of a thumb: The new Purion on-board computer operates with maximum efficiency and precision. With the ergonomic 2-in-1 on-board computer you always have the most important information at a glance. Five different riding modes give you the perfect individual support in any situation.

Performance CX

The Performance CX drive unit is visually appealing with its spectacularly expressive looks. Strong and steady – even at high rotational speeds, thanks to continuously optimal torque (75 newton meters). Experience a new dimension of riding enjoyment and very noticeable performance boost.

Powerpack 400/500wh

The PowerPacks 400/500's optimum ranges make them the perfect choice for eMountain bikers, sports riders and commuters. The lithium ion battery has the highest energy density in the smallest size and lowest weight on the market.

  • Charging: 80% after 1,5 hrs / 4.5 hrs from 0 to 100%
  • Battery life: Charge Cycles not listed, warranty covers up to 500 cycles




Dual. Optimised. Unique.

Zero Suspension Concept

Zero is Mondraker’s proprietary most efficient, best performing and super capable suspension system. Zero is a dual link design with the shock floating between the two suspension links and compressed from both ends. This makes the rear suspension extremely sensitive on small bumps and big hit capable. Zero main advantages are Zero power loss -a completely stable ride when pedalling-, Zero pedal kickback-minimum chain growth throughout the suspension travel-, Zero brake jack –isolated braking and suspension forces- and what we call Zero bumps, its great ability to soak up any type of bump keeping the rear wheel efficiently planted on the ground.

Superior. Control. Progressive

Forward Geometry Concept

Forward Geometry main advantages are an increased safety and confidence riding steep chutes even at high speeds, more reactive, precise and direct handling, more uphill precision and more stability in technical and rough terrain with better grip and improved control overall. Based on a geometry with longer reach and longer top tubes, riding position with FG30 mm stem is perfectly balanced for each bike category and application. Front center length increases thus making the ride more confidence-inspiring, allowing you to ride faster easier and, above all, a more enjoyable riding experience.  

Comfort. Traction. Resiliant.

Concept 27.5 Plus


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If your not happy with your Electric Mountain Bike and its still in a saleable condition, we will give you a month to swap it for a different size or another eMTB altogether, as long as it's in stock.

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We DO NOT believe in a bike in a box, which is why we take pride in our Personal Delivery service. When we arrive we adjust all furniture and suspension to suit you. 

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