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Haibike have a passion to innovate, revolutionising the cycling world with class leading designs, both on conventional and electric bikes. Haibike successfully kick-started the e-mountain bike market by introducing the first ever mature e-mountain bike, back in 2010. Since then, they have managed to create further innovations on a yearly basis. 2015 saw the introduction of their Yamaha powered sDuro range. In 2016 the release of the xDuro3 offered gravity casting motor and battery integration, allowing them to reduce chain-stay lengths for a responsive geometry.

Each e-mountain bike Haibike has to offer is hand built in their home-town Scweinfurt, Germany which is also home to another cycling giant SRAM.

The Haibike range caters mostly for e-mountain bike enthusiasts. Expanding their range every year, showcasing the most advanced and diverse range in the e-mountain bike market.


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Peformance. Controlled. Intergrated.

A range that exceeds all others 



Intergrated with the Yamaha PW

The Yamaha PW's success story started when they partnered with Haibike to introduce their fast-paced eBike motor, back in 2014. Compact yet reactive, the Yamaha motor gives you all its power on the first stroke of the pedal - 0% Cadence. It is also the first pedelec motor to provide a double chainring, perfect for steep hills.

This compact little motor is small but mighty, contributing 280% assistance in high mode with a continuous torque of 70nm. This flow of power will ensure you are sprinting uphill, not just downhill. Power can also be reduced, when you want to take it easy or conserve power, utilising the 4 output modes. Eco+ plus mode is perfect for maximum range, up to 90 miles with the 400wh battery.

Yamaha have ensured maximum ride time and as very little downtime as possible. Manufacturing a bomb-proof eBike drive, that is completely maintenance free. No need to grease and oil. Just keep it clean. 


Intergrated with the Bosch Performance CX

Bosch's latest arrival and their first motor built from the ground up to accompany Electric Mountain Bikes. Increased Ground clearance and increased power are just a few of the new features. The redesigned shell is super sleek, coated in a matt black paint and 38% smaller.  Direct Flow + Trail Control combine for perfect power delivery.

Smaller and Swifter. The Perfomance CX drive has also been tuned to deliver a astonishing 75nm of torque, with a maximum 300% assistance in Turbo. Making it even easier to get back to the top of the mountain, without the need of a lift. When its needed the motor will push out a maximum 500w of power, then ease its way back down to the 250w continuous limit. 

Battery choice has widened for 2016, with the introduction of the 500wh powerpack. Adding 25% of extra ride time. The motor is robust and service free, so you can keep riding without having to worry about maintenance.



Model : DWNHLL | Suspension: 200mm

For 2016, Haibike is the first ever electric mountain bike manufacturer to introduce a full downhill specification eBike. While the bike is not 'Rampage, Utah' proven yet, their team rider Guido Tschugg definitely is. A Downhill mountain bike is for the rough stuff. Tackling big jumps and deep drops.  Downhill is as much about airtime as it is speed. Once you come back to earth, switch on the electric's to avoid the queue for the uplift service. A motor for more adrenaline.


Model : NDURO | Suspension: 180mm

If you're like us and don't want to settle for just one discipline, you need an Enduro eMTB. The Jack-of-all-Trades. The Suspension is kept just tight enough to scale any climb. combined with the motor. So once you have scaled your peak, you're not exhausted to go into full beast mode on the descent. Stronger, larger travel forks met with a slack head angle will take you out your comfort zone, without you thinking twice. 

All Mountain / Trail

Model : ALLMTN | Suspension: 150mm

A trail bike is designed to find your wild side. Designed less around speed and more about rider satisfaction. More suspension; sharper brakes; grippier tyres; dropper seat's all add up, to summon a new found confidence on the trails. All-Mountain bikes are built with stronger frames suitable for more extreme trails including light rock features, root gardens and small jumps.

Hardtail | Cross Country

Model : HARD | Suspension: 100/120mm

A hardtail can be a great entry point for beginners in off-road mountain biking. The skinny tyres, minimum suspension, and steep geometry are great for fast-paced rides and covering a lot of ground quickly. Brilliant for sandy smooth singletrack, but offer limited control on twisty descents and rocky trails.  The swift and efficient design of hardtail also make them a stylish commuting steed alternative.

Full Suspension | Cross Country

Model : FULL | Suspension: 100/120mm

With many cross-over features from the XC hardtails, including the fast-paced geometry and lighter weight components.  The rear suspension adds a little comfort to the ride while maintaining pedal efficiency. The steep head angle and lower amounts of suspension make them great for climbing fast, but leaves the steering sharp and riders less confident to take on exciting trail features. 


Model : FAT | Suspension: 120mm

They may look like a monster that has dropped out of a comic book, yet these fatter, deeper tyres are extraordinarily advantageous. Providing maximum grip on the trails and absorbing the rough stuff, without compromising your geometry. Perfectly suited to loose terrains, such as snow, sand and bogged mud. If you enjoy being the centre of attention on the trails, you're going to love owning a FatBike, guaranteed cool factor applied. 


Direct. Mount. Motor & Battery.

Gravity Casted Intergration


Control. Dynamic. Agile

Agile Geometry Concept


Style. Protection. Intergration

Skid Plate Protection


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