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One of the very first British eBike manufacturers, Wisper have now been around for over a decade. Building a strong brand platform that delivers quality and components you can trust, at a sensible price. A Wisper eBike rides just like some of the higher end models, with a conventional frame geometry. Utilising slightly more affordable components for a great entry level eBike. Compared to some other brands, brandishing far-east components, the price tag adds a fresh bit of honesty.

The Wisper range makes for a great entry-level eBike. Yet, still manages to maintain a reliable and comfortable set-up. Delivering high quality components at an affordable price.

Wisper SE models


The Wisper SE electric bikes are a fantastic lightweight, comfortable and nimble range of eBikes that won't break the bank. Designed to be slightly simpler than the Torque range the SE eBikes from Wisper utilise a 12-magnet PAS sensor for a responsive electric pick-up when you start to pedal. The LCD display shows the rider real time speed and trip distance while also allowing the user to take control of the 5 modes offered. All Wisper bikes are also fitted with a convenient throttle (limited to 4mph) to act as a Walk-Assist mode and to allow all riders an easy start off the line. The High-Efficiency 250w Hi-Torque brushless motor offers a seamless, quiet, natural and powerful assistance.  

Wisper Torque models


For those looking for a smoother more natural feel to the drive system. The torque range utilises an advanced torque sensor. This torque sensor measures the amount of pressure you apply to the pedals, allowing the electrics to calculate the correct assistance needed by the rider. The result is smoother and feels incredibly natural. Other benefits include: the motor will engage sooner which is great for on hills; top end power will cut out smoother and be less noticeable when you reach the speed limit; improved efficiency of the system increasing your potential range. Torque models also feature other component upgrades like hydraulic brakes and more.


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