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The Gocycle's innovative concept has been assembled upon the image of designer and founder Richard Thorp, with a simple vision that an Electric Bike should be elegant, clean, attractive, capable of integrating easily into our lives and of course fun. So passionate he was with his vision that he left his successful career with Maclaren Cars behind to focus on delivering to the market the perfect eBike. What transpired was a feat of engineering excellence. Innovatively integrating modern automotive features into a portable electric bike. Soon becoming a talking point wherever they went the Gocycle arose to success. Now in its third incarnation, the Gocycle continues to gain the attention of the media and captivate the Electric Bike audience with its smooth lines, the practicality of its design and its overspread amount of features.



Clean and Easy to live with

Never has a bike been such a joy to own. Eliminating common irritations normally associated with riding and owning a bike.

  • CleanDrive - The complete drivetrain on the Gocycle has been concealed inside the CleanDrive. Hiding the Chain, Gears, Sprockets, and oil. Significantly increasing component lifespan and keeping all the nasties away from your skin and clothes.
  • No Cables - Every single cable and hydraulic hose have been neatly integrated into the frame construction. Not only creating a super clean looking eBike but also ensuring there is no chance a cable could get caught and tangled.
  • No Mess - The Gocycle is completely dry to the touch. There is no exposed grease or lubricants. Ensuring a completely clean assembly, ride and store.
  • Versatile - When not in use the Gocycle easily folds into a portable package that is easy to manoeuvre and store. Also, the Pitstop wheels can be removed completely tool free allowing for an easy puncture repair and a quick detach when you wish to store.

Compact, Light and versatile

The Portable design of the Gocycle allows it to be collapsed down into a manageable compact size. Perfect for storing while in transit and if space is limited. This makes the Gocycle super practical and ideal for use on a boat or motor home and even city living spaces.

The Total weight of the Gocycle is 16kg. One of the lightest weight Electric Bikes on the market. Allowing users to carry with ease up stairs or while stowing away in storage.

The monocoque simplistic design and easy tool-less removal of the wheels make cleaning the Gocycle super easy and fast.

Designed to Fit You

With only one frame size available, Gocycle had to make sure it was adaptable to provide comfort to all body types. The Vgonomic design accomplishes this.

The wheelbase is that of a conventional frame geometry. This ensures that the Ride is natural and does not feel too tight. Basically, it does not feel like your riding a kids bike, with the small wheels.

The Seatpost and frame geometry have been cleverly angled so when combined with the height and reach adjustability of the handlebars it will cater for most riders. Similar to a car's adjustable positions.

The low body of the frame provides a Step-Through profile. Making getting on and off the Gocycle effortless.

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All of our staff are fully trained eBike mechanics, Bosch + Yamaha certified. Equipped with years of experience, under our belts. Mountain biking is also our passion and the sport we love.

1 Month Exchange

If your not happy with your Electric Mountain Bike and its still in a saleable condition, we will give you a month to swap it for a different size or another eMTB altogether, as long as it's in stock.

Personal Delivery

We DO NOT believe in a bike in a box, which is why we take pride in our Personal Delivery service. When we arrive we adjust all furniture and suspension to suit you. 

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The best support. If you have any technical issues, we are just a phone call away. Outreach repairs and remote diagnostic support are just a few way we can help any eBike owner. 

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